Module Robot
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Module Robot

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Abstraction of a robot based on Pi2Go (full version) from 4tronix.

 This software is part of the raspibrick module.
 It is Open Source Free Software, so you may
 - run the code for any purpose
 - study how the code works and adapt it to your needs
 - integrate all or parts of the code in your own programs
 - redistribute copies of the code
 - improve the code and release your improvements to the public
 However the use of the code is entirely your responsibility.

Classes [hide private]
Class that creates or returns a single MyRobot instance.
Singleton class that represents a robot.
Functions [hide private]
_onXButtonEvent(event) source code
_onButtonEvent(channel) source code
_onBatteryDown(channel) source code
Variables [hide private]
  _buttonThread = None
  _inCallback = False
  _clickThread = None
  _doubleClickTime = 1
  _buttonListener = None
  _xButtonListener = None
  _batteryListener = None
  _isBtnHit = False
  _isButtonEnabled = False