Thema Hilfe bei der Xbox360 -Controller DLL-Fehler 
Autor Matthew Hawk  
Eingangsdatum 2016-05-04 19:11:12.0 
Mitteilung Verzeihen Sie mein Deutsch , ich bin nicht deutsch, und ich bin mit Google zu übersetzen. Wenn ich versuche, den Xbox Controller-Code zu laden , auf 10 Windows Es gibt mir eine Ausnahme Java Runtime , sagen, dass es nicht die DLL xboxcontroller64 laden kann. Mein Freund und ich habe versucht dies mehrmals zu beheben, aber ohne Erfolg. Der xbox Code, den ich Werke von einem 32-Bit- Windows- 7-Computer gemacht . Wenn Sie bald antworten bitte könnte , wäre das toll

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Forgive my German, I am not German, and i am using Google translate. When i try to load the Xbox controller code, on Windows 10, It gives me a java runtime exception , saying that it can't load the DLL xboxcontroller64. My friend and I have tried to fix this several times, but to no avail. The xbox code that I made works of a 32bit windows 7 computer. If you could please respond soon, that would be great 
Thema Xbox360 Controller 
Autor Aegidius Pluess 
Eingangsdatum 2016-05-06 16:34:57.0 
Mitteilung Thanks for requesting support using my Xbox360 controller library - and thanks for trying to translate the text to German. We can stay with English, this is no problem with me.

I just took my old Xbox360 Controller with its USB adapter out of the box and tried to hook it into my very new Windows 10 machine. It worked with me! So we should be able to make it work for you too. Here is exactly how I proceeded:

- Hook the USB adapter to the PC (attached to the Internet) and turn the controller on. The driver is automatically installed and both green lights, one at the USB adapter and one at the controller are turned on. In the device manager of Windows 10, the XBoxController is shown as new device

- Download the distribution from my website.
Unpack it. Open a Windows terminal (console) WITH ADMINSTRATOR RIGHTS (right mouse click). Copy both DLLs
xboxcontroller.dll and xboxcontroller62.dll from the dll subdirectory to c:windows with the command:
copy xboxcontroller.dll c:\windows and copy xboxcontroller64.dll c:\windows
Check that there is no error while doing this

- Copy the JAR files jaw.jar and XboxController.jar from the lib subdirectory to any directory, e.g. c:\jars

- Create a Java project (I used Netbeans 8.1). Put the file RumbleDemo.java from the examples folder to the source folder of the project. Add jaw.jar and Xboxcontroller.jar as external JAR resources. Compile RumbleDemo (no error should be displayed)

- Execute RumbleDemo and a dialog should open that says that the controller is connected. If you push one of the rumble buttons (at the front side of the controller) that gear should vibrate.

If this works, your problem is solved.

Hope this helps

Thema thank you 
Autor Matthew Hawk 
Eingangsdatum 2016-05-06 19:02:51.0 
Mitteilung Thank you! The code is working with my friends game in Eclipse, so thank you very much :D