Thema Windows Class Could not be loaded 
Autor Manas Pradhan 
Eingangsdatum 2015-11-27 20:48:25.0 
Mitteilung Hi,

I have 64-bit VBS 3 installed on my system and it uses the force feedback mechanism from the x-box controller.
Now, the application i have created(using the x-box controller 32-bit dll) is a 32-bit application which gets events from the VBS application and should vibrate(use force feedback) the controller when a specific event occurs. But when the controller class is instantiated in the application, it returns the error as : "Windows Class Could not be loaded".

Please let me know any solution to this problem.

Thema Windows Class not loaded 
Autor Aegidius Pluess 
Eingangsdatum 2015-11-29 08:44:48.0 
Mitteilung Hello,

As I understand, this is not a problem when using my XboxController library under Java, but a Windows VS/VBS related problem. Therefore I can only give some recommandation how to solve it.

- Try to run everything on a 32-bit system. Try to get an even old and slow PC running a 32-bit Windows from a friend or install a virtual Windows 32-bit OS (VirtualBox)

- In Visual Studio select the platform as x86 and clean the solution first (in Solution Explorer) or create a completely new project with x86 solution. Try to run the exe on a 32-bit Windows OS.

- Copy the dll that cannot be found in some other folders, e.g. in the current exe-folder, in windows/system in windows/system/system32

- Search the Internet for information about your problem

Hope this helps.