Thema JDroidlib + ? 
Autor Zak 
Eingangsdatum 2014-09-17 17:23:43.0 
Mitteilung Can u code Jdroidlib in Jython
Does JDroidlib supports android features like getting user contacts and webview ui

All in all JDroidlib rocks.

Thema JDroidLib Extension 
Autor Aegidius Pluess 
Eingangsdatum 2014-09-18 16:52:49.0 
Mitteilung Hello Zak,

Glad you use the JDroidLib framework. Additional support of Android APIs is not integrated, but you may include it rather easily, because the GameGrid class is derived from the Activity class. So whenever you create a GameGrid you have access to corresponding Activity instance. E.g. for using the SensorManager:

sensorManager =

If you tell me exactly what Android API call you intend to use, I could probably integrate the call into a JDroidLib class for you.